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Clint Gill -
6’2” 180; hair-brown, eyes-blue


Jacques and His Master                 The Master                       Blue Valentine Prod.
Picasso at The Lapin Agile              Picasso                             Louisville Repertory

Resident Alien                              Michael                             Bunbury Theatre

Faith Healer                                 Francis Hardy                     Roundtable Theatre

The Lion in Winter                        Richard I                           Bunbury Theatre

Older Sister Burning Like a Flame     Katadokoro Jii                     KY Contemporary Th.
American Premiere)
The Dark at the Top of The Stairs   Ruben Flood                      KY Contemporary Th.
Wait Until Dark                             Roat                                NRS Players
Absent Friends                             John                                Necessary Theatre
Beyond Therapy                          Bruce                               Necessary Theatre
Savage In Limbo                          Tony Aronica                     Boat House Troupe
Reckless                                     Lloyd                                Boat House Troupe
Funhouse                                   Multiple Roles                     Boat House Troupe
Drinking in America                        Multiple Roles                     Boat House Troupe

Feature Film
Midnight Taco                              Geater (Lead)                    David Boone


TV Commercial
Kentucky Fried Chicken                                                        MJK, Louisville
Ashland Oil                                  “Race Car Driver”                MJK, Louisville

Industrial Film
U.S. Army Recruitment                  "Game Boy"                      MJK, Louisville Brown-Foreman Distilleries                                                     MJK, Louisville

Kentucky Fried Chicken                                                        MJK, Louisville


Voice work

Commercial - Monkey Business Singing Telegrams (radio ads)

Interactive CD-Rom - Florida Angler's Museum, "Andy the Angler"


Skills / Experience
improv, stage combat, stunt/action film, character voices, singer, dialects
stage craft, light design
drive manual shift, operate tractor, operate dump-truck
swim, water ski, weight lifting, backpacking-off trail hiking, work well with animals

15 years stage experience

Education                                BFA  - Theatre, University of Louisville