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Clint Gill -Received his training from the University of Louisville. While there he worked closely with faculty and staff who are first generation students of some of the most diverse and respected figures in the world of Theatre. Influences range from the classic movement style of the great Jacques Le Coque, the focused mind-body discipline of Tashimi Suzuki, and the transformational improvisations of Joseph Chaikim and Anne Bogart.

Since the early '90s, Clint has been closely associated with Louisville’s premiere "Second Tier" theatre companies who have made their home at The Kentucky Center for the Arts such as The Boat House Troupe, The Necessary Theatre, and The Louisville Repertory Theatre. Others include Blue Valentine, The Roundtable Theatre, Bunbury Theatre and The Kentucky Contemporary Theatre. During his tenure with these groups he has served as Actor, Director, and Lighting Designer. He has sampled the media from stage, video, radio, concert and film. His work takes him both behind the scenes, and front and center.

Clint most recently completed work on the independent film "Midnight Taco" by the late David Boone.